Three Canadian Metal Bands That Should Have a Slots Game in Their Honor

There are a couple of ways that a band can immortalize themselves in music history. The first is to create a body of work consisting of iconic albums. The second is to put on a performance so legendary that it’s still being talked about decades later (think Jimi Hendrix at the Isle of Wight festival in 1970 or The Band at Woodstock a year earlier).

But there’s another, an altogether more unusual way, that a band’s music can reach a whole new audience – and that’s having a slots game based on them.

Immortality in Entertainment

If this sounds too wild to be true then all you need to do is to take a look at some of the online casinos that are featured on BonusFinder Canada. Among them, you’re certain to come across a number of games that have been inspired by bands and their music. One of the most popular is the Guns ‘N’ Roses slot, along with other titles featuring heavy rockers like Motorhead, Megadeth, and Kiss. Best of all, joining the casinos that feature these games sometimes also includes a number of free spins on the games in question as a welcome bonus.

But notably lacking from band-based slots are any major Canadian artists. This is especially surprising as there are at least three candidates that would seem to fit the bill precisely.


First up has to be Rush. Formed in Toronto way back in 1968, the classic line-up of this three-piece power unit was Alex Lifeson on guitar, Geddy Lee on bass, and Neil Peart on drums. Over a lifespan that lasted a full five decades and saw the band go through phases of playing blues, prog, synthesizer, and guitar-based rock, it’s estimated that they sold over 40 million records worldwide.

But what would make them especially suited to having a slots game themed after them is their interest in science fiction and fantasy. This was shown not just in the content of their songs but also in the many amazing album covers designed for them by the legendary Hugh Syme. With such a distinctive visual identity, as well as some killer tracks to incorporate, it would make for a pretty good slot experience.


Successful as they may have been, Rush has been eclipsed in album sales by a band that is still very much going strong on the back of 50 million sales worldwide. They hail from Hanna, Alberta and the band members are Chad and Mike Kroeger on guitar and bass respectively, Ryan Peake on keyboards, and drummer Daniel Adair.

The time could be perfect for this band to launch a new slot as they have recently come out of a five-year hiatus with the release of the single San Quentin.


Last but not least, it would be great if the classic rockers Steppenwolf got slots fans’ motors running with their own game. And it would be just perfect if it were to be called “Born to be Wild” after their most famous, and timeless, song.

So there you have them. Three bands who more than deserve a slot worthy of a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Let’s hope it happens for at least one of them!