Throne of Iron – Adventure One

The year is 1982 somewhere in the British isles. An unknown headbanger silently gets a vinyl from the cover and plays it in his record player. Ah, the sound that comes from it is majestic, powerful and full of energy. The music from the blasting and knocking out guitars feel up the air with the intensive and innovative music that comes from this new wave of British Heavy Metal. I wish I knew what this means.

Ops! No, no, the year is not 1982, it is 2020 and the band is not from the British isles. Throne of Iron are very from there, they are from Bloomington, Indiana. But the sound that comes from your cell phone or whatever is indeed majestic and powerfull and, of course, it is possible to take it from the cov er and do play it in your player. Nostalgic, huh? Yes, indeed, but Throne of Iron and “Adventure One” emulate with perfection the situation above. “Adventure One” even has that opaque sound that came from early Metal recordings. Ah, the nostalgy we feel while listening to it. It may be Angel Witch or Tokyo Blade. It is only the love for Classic Metal that today youngsters feel and live. A late masterpiece.

I know it is so hard to understand what comes from our metalheads. One of the only musical genrfes that praise with the same intense the old and the new. And I guess that praises more the old than the new. It’s impossible to explain the feeling of someone who listens to Throne of Iron and “Adventure One” and feel the magic of the good old times of Metal. Tracks like “Past the Doors of Death” could be in any Angel Witch’s album from the early 1980s. Easily. A big hail to the guys of Throne of Iron and their pristine work of recreating all the sonic features of those times. Metal is alive.

Throne of Iron “Adventure One” will be released on February 21st via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. A Call to Adventure
  2. Past the Doors of Death
  3. Dark Shrine of Rituals
  4. The Power of Will
  5. Lichspire
  6. The Fourth Battle of the Ash Plains
  7. The Allure of Silver
  8. Wish

Watch “Lichspire” official lyric video here: