Thronum Vrondor – Ichor (The Rebellion)

From the beginning Heavy Metal has always had a thing for the grandeur, the big, the pompous. Metal music is prepared for the big themes, the way the chords are played, the melodic construction, the harmonic evolution, musicwise, Heavy Metal is very near the opera, as I told before. That’s exactly what we have here with Thronum Vrondor and “Ichor (The Rebellion).” An album prepared to be big, with grand themes and a colossal instrumental. Thronum Vrondor did a great job enhancing Black Metal’s range.

There are many moments in “Ichor (The Rebellion)” to tell a story of Ichor, which in Greek mythology represents the ethereal fluid that is the Greek gods’ blood. As I told, Heavy Metal has a thing for the big. We like to tell stories of gods and the grandeur gifts they can offer to humankind. Thronum Vrondor express this in their music with some slow cadenced themes, but with strong instrumentals and a thundering voice. We can tell that there are lots of influences of Doom Metal in “Ichor (The Rebellion)” and its intencional. From the beginning with the short instrumental “The Well” which prepares the ground to the fierceful and straight-ahead “A Symbol of Acrimony.” It’s an album which is marked to the full duty of pleasing the gods. The following track “Ceremony of Atonement” is also strong and full of wrath and it seems to follow the main idea of the album giving the needed sense of continuation. From then on the speed is slowing down replaced by heavier tracks. But the quality remains the same.

Grand album by a grand band.

Thronum Vrondor “Ichor (The Rebellion)” will be released on February 1st via Pulverised Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Well
  2. A Symbol of Acrimony
  3. Ceremony of Atonement
  4. Ichor (The Rebellion)
  5. Diety
  6. …And Then the Fall
  7. Vision of the Seven Tombs
  8. Doom upon Doom…
  9. The Last Specs of a Dying Light

Watch “Ceremony of Atonement” official video here: