THRONUM VRONDOR Release ‘Ichor (The Rebellion)’

Belgian misanthropists THRONUM VRONDOR recreate yet another incisive record that dwells heavily on world-ending and mortifying Black Metal with “Ichor (The Rebellion).” Draped in unforgiving riffs that screams discordance, the group’s third full-length album is by no means easy listening. The deplorable howls of SvN perfectly illustrates the apocalyptic nature of THRONUM VRONDOR; disease, plague, murder, wrath, torment, death are inevitable!
The album recorded, mixed and mastered by SvN. Artwork concept and illustration by THRONUM VRONDOR and Chilean artist Daniel Valencia at Fenomeno Design (Blut Aus Nord, Demonical, Manes, etc). “Ichor (The Rebellion)” will be available on vinyl in the following color variants: 100 copies in gold/silver (Pulverised exclusive), 100 copies in red (Cudgel exclusive) and 300 copies in black.


THRONUM VRONDOR were created in 2005 by Vrondor (guitars, bass) and Crygh (drums, vocals). The first album “Vrondor I: Epitaph Of Mass-Destruction” was released in 2006 and contains raw and intelligent Black Metal which has always been the guideline through the band’s history. Vocals on the album were done by both Crygh and session vocalist Noctiz. In 2008, the second album “Vrondor II: Conducting The Orchestra Of Evil” was released, based on the opus magnus of Dante. Again, traditional Black Metal elements are included and all songs are created according to the feelings that are evoked by the lyrics.
In 2015, THRONUM VRONDOR added vocalist SvN to their ranks and began the recording of the third album “Vrondor III: Ichor (The Rebellion), yet to be released. With the addition of SvN, the songs on this album combine the typical genre of the previous two albums with a desolate atmosphere and intensity.

Track Listing:
1. The Well (0:48)
2. A Symbol Of Acrimony (6:18)
3. Ceremony Of Atonement (4:14)
4. Ichor (The Rebellion) (4:39)
5. Diety (4:57)
6. …And Then The Fall (1:33)
7. Vision Of The Seven Tombs (3:42)
8. Doom Upon Doom… (7:36)
9. The Last Specs Of A Dying Light (4:08)
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