THSL – Memories of a Dream Review

As we were talking about the use of melody in the last review about Noltem, here’s a case where melody makes lots of difference in the band’s music. Two bands with opposite sonancies inside Metal music. One Atmosphere Black Metal, and the other a Symphonic Metal with huge forms of pop. Both the same vibe but opposite Metal subgenre, but though a great example.

By the way, about time to say that “Memories of a Dream” is an album created by two masterminds Thanasis Labrakis and Thanos Bertsatos. THSL with “Memories of a Dream” work melodies using two kinds of clean vocals one female and the other male as both kind of alternate vocals and featured guests throughout the album. The mood THSL desire to create in “Memories of a Dream” is a pop mixed with Symphonic Metal that sometimes have more elements of Metal music and other moments more elements of pop. It depends on how they use the melody. Opening track “No Way Out” kicks out with a sweet piano letting the fan feel the Symphonic elements of the band. Some violins, a sweet and gentle female vocals and a soft cadence and the track goes like until the end. By this first track the fan won’t know what’s about to come. Things change on second track “Bleed” with some guitar strummings, the same soft cadence and the melodic voice of Annie Nikolaidou as a guest vocalist. The track shows a little bit more of the bands desires to deliver the fan, that is, melodies embellished by a great guitar work and the contrast of a harsh guitar rhythm and a soft female voice. Tittle track “Memories of a Dream” features a male vocal Panagiotis “Parthos” Papageorgiou whose tone of voice fits perfectly TSHL intent. Few changes on intrumentals that keep firmly the main idea of the band and really show what they’re made of. A highlight to the guitars that embellish the songs and create some kind of tension that to be solved at the end of the song. However, it’s following track “Nightmare of Death” that I guess shows everything the band desired with Penny Rizou as featured guest and mastermind Thanos. The song is a strong combination of the Symphonic Metal the band wants and some slight dashes of pop. From where I’m standing the best track of the album.

“Memories of a Dream” brings some great melodies that work well. It’s not an album to show your Extreme Metal friend. It’s album of the kind of melody that some extreme metallers really don’t appreciate. However, if you are a metaller that cares about good music, the album is a great option.

TSHL “Memories of a Dream” will be released on October 15th.

Track Listing:

    1. No Way Out
    2. Bleed
    3. Bitterness
    4. Memories of a Dream
    5. Nightmare of Death
    1. Pain Of Despair
    1. Redeem My Soul
    1. Once Upon a Time
    1. When the Darkness Blinds my Eyes
    2. Do You Regret?

Watch “When the Darkness Blinds my Eyes” official video here: