THUNDERBIRD DIVINE To Release New Album ‘Magnasonic’ In January

Thunderbird Divine
Photo credit: Dante Torrieri

Philly’s psychedelic space hippy enclave, THUNDERBIRD DIVINE, has set an official domestic release date of January 11, 2019, for its debut album, Magnasonic, with Salt of the Earth Records. The offering is a 30-plus-minute exploration of riffs and psychedelia, featuring custom art design by the band’s bassist, Adam Scott.

The inspiration for Magnasonic’s artwork stems from classic optical and psychedelic line art,Scott explains. “It then evolved to the stargate space exploration of graphic symbolism, which we feel reflects the music’s loud vibrance.

Connecticut-based Salt of the Earth Records, home to releases by Earthride, When the Deadbolt Breaks and Atala, is enthusiastic about this upcoming release.

Everything about this album is beautiful, focused and original,” says Scott Harrington, president of Salt of the Earth Records. “From the instrumentation, songwriting, performances and recordings to the sacred geometry in the art direction, everything about Magnasonic speaks to the depth and talent of Thunderbird Divine. This will set the bar for bands to come.

Advance orders for Magnasonic starts December 7, 2018.

Magnasonic track listing:

1. Qualified
2. ‘Til Shiloh*
3. Bummer Bridge
4. The Devil’s Hatband**

*features additional vocals by Kermit Lyman III of Sheena and Thee Nosebleeds
**features additional vocals by Andy Martin of Clamfight

Thunderbird Divine Magnasonic