Thundermother – Heat Wave

What if Krokus or Bullet had a strong and mighty and cozy female vocals? And what if Bon Jovi and Kiss were an all female band?

You, my fan, may not be aware of it but I do have the answer to thy question; it would be  a band as kickass as Thundermother, a powerful and hot band made up only by girls.

My dear fan knows that I never – never ever – make pranks or pums with the names of the bands of the albums. I guess that some bands handpick some titles for their albums – hum, would it be otherwise? Well, you know what I mean. “Heat Wave” fits like a glove to what Thundermother do here. The album is warm and cozy as only women could do it. Many might not notice, but I do find some diferences in all women’s albums besides the voice. Women tend to make albums warmer and more intimistic – whatever does this mean. Thundermother “Heat Wave” do all that with flying colors. Ok, the kind of music they do helps a lot, the good old Hard’n’Heavy, but anyway.

I used the bands above as referentials of what the fan will find here. However, the main drive  and the powerhouse of inspiration is AC/DC. You, my child of the night, observative and demanding as you all are, may say “But you didn’t quote AC/DC!” You are right as usual, my dear fan. I willingly let AC/DC out because when I thought Krokus and Bullet I wanted to pick bands with huge AC/DC’s influences as well. That’s why. From the beginning with “Loud and Alive” and the title track “Heat Wave” the taste of AC/DC gets very strong. Guitarist Filippa Nässil explores very well the major chords sequences as AC/DC used to do in “Back in Black” era. “Ghost” reminds Bullet a lot in the way they also explored their AC/DC’s influences. The anthemic “Back in ’76” has somewhat of the 1980s Kiss and Bon Jovi is all around in each note vocalist Guernica Mancini sings. By the way, my brothers, what a voice! The girl really has it.

Here we’ve got a band that knew to explore the influences they had and built up an album full of references, but with a great personality. Thundermother owes nothing to their female peers as Vixen or Lita Ford, if you ask me. That’s the kind of music that never gets old or outdated. From where I’m standing music gets better when performed by a girl, doesn’t it? By the way girls, this CD cover tells a lot, huh?

Thundermother “Heat Wave” will be released on July 31st via AFM Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Loud and Alive
  2. Dog from Hell
  3. Back in ‘76
  4. Into the Mud
  5. Heat Wave
  6. Sleep
  7. Driving in Style
  8. Free Ourselves
  9. Mexico
  10. Purple Sky
  11. Ghosts
  12. Somebody Love Me
  13. Bad Habits

Watch “Driving in Style” official music video here: