Thy Kingdom Will Burn – S/T Review

Wow, man! What a band! The kind that really knows how to balance aggression, power, and melody with a vocalist that really knows how to use his ability to be diverse. A Melodic Death Metal band that takes the melodic side very seriously with all the ingredients necessary to make a heavy and striking album and doesn’t forget the Death Metal side.

I’m definitely convinced that the label Melodic Death Metal is chosen by bands that do want to diverse their music incorporating features of Tradictional Metal Music with Death Metal. The outcome may get more melodic or more Death Metal with some variances in the middle. In a nutshell, the label allows bands to mix elements that they shouldn’t mix according to the rulebook of other Metal genres in Extreme Metal. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the bands make a lot of concessions under the name Melodic albeit Metal music has grown a little bit more tolerant. It doesn’t mean that metallers accept everything or we wouldn’t be metallers. The way I see it Metal music still is ruled by a bunch of rules that guarantees the quality of the music. Thy Kingdom Will Burn with their self-tittled about shows us this. “Thy Kingdom Will Burn” is an album full of meloduy and still heavy and energetic as hell.

What sparked my attention to “Thy Kingdom Will Burn” was how resourceful the band present their songs. From first track “The Awakening” to “Season of Sorrow” the band does a parade of songs that combine perfectly the duet melody and power. All this with vocalist Sami Kujala that use all the resources he can to vary his vocals according to the song. The guy simply everything possible to make his harsh vocals be much than that without singing clean what is a blessing. The blend changes a little throughout the album with songs  with the faster and more furious cadences and others with some amazing guitar duets as in “Rise Against.” Or epic intro as in “The Black River” that bursts into an acoustic guitar sonata that dares and defies Sami Kujala vocals to get clean.

Maybe my dear fan is fed up with Melodic Death Metal, but I’m not. Let them come!

Thy Kingdom Will Burn “Thy Kingdom Will Burn” will be released on June 18th via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Awakening
  2. Alone I Stand
  3. Follow the Fallen
  4. Rise Against
  5. The Black River
  6. Company of Wolves
  7. Unclean
  8. Through the Storm
  9. War!
  10. Season of Sorrow

Watch “Rise Against” official music video: