THYRGRIM Are Here With ‘Vermächtnis’ To Give Black Metal a Suitable Face

“Behold, the fire burns my stigma onto your forehead, for I will build my legacy upon your ashes.”

THYRGRIM don’t reinvent Black Metal – they give it a suitable face! Instead of mindless musical experimentations, the band uses well proven styles to create new art with old traditions. Hate, void, grief, anger: the music is born from the simplest, most primal emotions, and reflects the deepest pits of human existence in every single song.
Raw and direct, without compromises. THYRGRIM present a wide-ranging style, covering almost all musical directions of Black Metal. They don’t hide behind symbols, Satanism, blood or overloaded images, they create a realm of coldness and hate without using subtle means. In these times, in which everyone believes that Black Metal would be just a pastime, a playground to earn money, and that everyone can go this way … in these days, in which they pretend to understand this life, it’s THYRGRIM’s turn to remind that Black Metal is more than just music.

THYRGRIM  “Vermächtnis” will be black metalling on September 29th via Trollzorn Records.

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