Ticket to the Moon – Elements Review

It’s only me or you too, my dear child of the night, think that instrumental Metal music always sounds as Progressive Metal? Maybe the lack of vocals oblige bands to use more acoustic materials in order to build something more meaning. Well, as a matter of fact, Ticket to the Moon are a Progressive Metal band with no doubt. The thing is that I’ve never heard an Extreme Metal album with only instrumental songs. If you have my dear child of the night, please, let me know. Ok, there are, of course, instrumental tracks in Extreme Metal albums some of them with long instrumentals but, again, I’ve never heard an Extreme Metal album with instrumental songs only. I guess the logic of instrumental songs are slightly different from songs with vocals. One thing is for sure, the guitars have double trouble because they have to play the melody as well.

As I always say some album tittles deliver exactly what the album music means. “Elements” expresses right everything Ticket to the Moon wish to put into their music. By the way, Ticket to the Moon is also a name that does express the music inside the album as well. The band uses one very effective tool in the album that is the short songs among the tracks to prepare the ground for the attack. They function as a bridge to what is to come. Bottomline, the band builds tensions to be solved during the song. Guitar solos are used to break the tensions and to avoid them depending on the situation. The same do the acoustic passages. They also relieve the tensions built during the songs.

“Elements” is a balanced album with equal parts of high tensions and relieving ones. Take “Origins” for instance that breaks all the tensions created by its previous track “Xyz” – pay attention, it’s not Rush’s. The same happens with “Behind the Mist” which a preparation for the grand finale “Pulsar Punta Salinas Radar” a song that is shorter than its tittle. Ah, one more important thing. Keyboards here aren’t as prominent as in their peers. Except in “Origins” where they take the lead just to try to prove me wrong.

Ticket to the Moon “Elements” was indenpendently released on September 25th.

Track Listing:

  1. The Impact
  2. Elements
  3. Pulsar B0531+21
  4. Ebb & Flow
  5. St Elmo’s Fire
  6. Crossing Skies
  7. Pulsar B2020+28
  8. Xyz
  9. Origins
  10. Behind the Mist
  11. Pulsar Punta Salinas

Watch “Elements” official video here: