Tides of Ire – Betrayal

In general it takes me seconds to decide if I’m going to review an album or not. I mean after I listen to it. Generally I go jumping tracks if I don’t like the first I listen to until I find one of my like. I do that because I always try to be fair to the bands I receive. They do deserve it. It’s not that easy to put up a band, rehearse and more and more practices until the band is okay, then to record an album. No, it may be everything, but not easy. It takes time, money, patience, resiliance, and lots od other adjectives. Ah, by the way, you my dear fan, knows that I really don’t like Alternative Metal or the likes, but I do try to review bands because they also deserve. I mean, even in Alternative Metal bands there are Metal features that I do appreciate, and they are the ones that make me review the band. That’s exactly what happened to this Tides of Ire “Betrayal.” I listened to firs track which is not really a track, but I insisted and went to second track “Pest” which does not justice to its name because its angry and furious vocals combined with angry and furious guitar made my day. Plus the so metal opening guitar riff and a great bass line. And I decided to review Tides of Ire “Betrayal.”

“Betrayal” is an EP with only four tracks, well, I mean three if title track “Betrayal” gets on the list. I have to say that “Pest” is a great track with all Zack de la Rocha and Rage Against the Machine features. Just the kind of Alternative Metal I appreciate. I love the anger and rebellion they do pass us. “Pest” alone makes the album worth it if you know what I’m saying. Following track “Prophecy” doesn’t have the same grip, but it does have the same rage, what is enough to keep the faith. Instrumentals are also a gain in “Prophecy” though there is no guitar solo, but guitar work is enough to make me like it. I also liked the tone of the lyrics. Metal enough. And then the album ends up with “Sirens” with its rap features that I really don’t like. Okay, I know all Alternative Metal bands have a foot on rap, but I always think they will forget it and keep Metal only. But “Sirens” turned out to be a nice track due to Nancy Okai vocals and the bass intro. The mix rap and Metal is forgivable.

Tides of Ire “Betrayal” was released via Deadwave Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Betrayal
  2. Pest
  3. Prophecy
  4. Sirens (feat. Nancy Okai)

Watch “Sirens” official lyric video here: