TIDES OF IRE Feel The ‘Betrayal’

Formed in early 2015, Tides of Ire were born when guitarist Aidan Jee met Brazilian drummer Leonardo Ozorio. Bonding over a mutual love of the nu-metal bands of the late 90s, and the metalcore wave that followed, they saw the need to break the mould of the South East’s metal scene and began writing the nu-metalcore templates that would become the first Tides of Ire songs.

Looking to expand their outfit, they recruited bassist Sam Alldridge who earned his chops playing in hiphop and RnB, and after a few misfits, met guitarist Matt Kateley who brought the songwriting tools that they needed to get their hybrid off the ground. The final element came in the form of Mark Wills, who’s mastery of savage metal vocals and pacey lyrical delivery gave Tides of Ire the one-two punch they needed for a fighting chance.

Tides of Ire quickly wrote their first EP, ‘The Burning Sea’ and forced their distinctive and unique alt-metal sound to the forefront of the Kent metal scene. Following the departure of Aidan, The band recruited James Daniel Harper and cemented their line-up, writing and recording their second EP ‘Deadline,’ which pushed new sonic ground and saw Tides of Ire tour further afield, spreading the alt-metal gospel, bringing nostalgia for the old nu-metal greats and excitement for the new breed in equal measure.

With the release of ‘Betrayal,’ Tides of Ire have crystallised the sound that their fans love and gained cross-genre appeal and acclaim with the song ‘Sirens’.


Mark Wills – vocals
Matt Kateley – guitar
James Daniel Harper – lead guitar
Sam Alldridge – bass
Leonardo Ozorio – drums

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