TIDES OF KHARON Premiere Title Track ‘Coins Upon Our Eyes’ From Upcoming Greek Mythology Themed Debut EP

Few things go together better than melodic death metal and ancient mythology. The debut EP from Edmonton, Alberta’s TIDES OF KHARON, is the latest addition to this perfect combo. Entitled “Coins Upon Our Eyes”, the debut goes hand in hand with the band name, taken from the lore of the boatman on the river Styx who ferries the dead to the underworld, taking the coins left on the eyes of a corpse as his payment. TIDES OF KHARON fully embrace the Greek mythology themes in their songs and their first EP is a culmination of several different tales taking from the ancient pantheon. Their debut EP will be out on July 21th.

You can hear the album title track “Coins Upon Our Eyes” below.

Originally started by brothers Cam, Ryan and Justin Rehman in 2014 with a desire to play shows in front of people, TIDES OF KHARON quickly became a fan favorite in the Edmonton music community. The solidification of Gord Alexander on drums and Garrett Nelson on vocals finally cemented the sound the band sought and the production of the EP could begin. Citing inspiration from titans in the genre including Amon Amarth, At the Gates and early In Flames, the band is definitely in the running alongside their Swedish counterparts.

The band comments:

“The EP is the culmination of several years of writing and performing material in an attempt to solidify what we would define as our sound. Lyrically the title track ‘Coins Upon Our Eyes’ is a discussion on existentialism within the setting of Greek mythology, and the indifference of gods that you know are real. The rest of the tracks follow suit with lyrical themes involving, the rape of Medusa, Orpheus’ quest to bring back his dead wife, and an unending battle involving the sons of the god of war, Ares. The EP is just the beginning with several songs already complete and numerous in the works a full length album won’t be far off.”

For those in the Edmonton area, TIDES OF KHARON will be hosting a local EP launch show at DV8 (7317 101 AVE) on July 21st where they will be performing all the Greek themed tracks off the new release alongside Train Bigger Monkeys, Breaking the Silent, and Remnants. Doors are at 8pm and advance tickets are $10 available through the bands.

“Coins Upon Our Eyes” Track Listing:

1. Coins Upon Our Eyes (5:32)
2. The Winter War (6:06)
3. From Medusa’s Throne (5:37)
4. Cerberus in Slumber (4:55)