Tides of Sulfur – Paralysis of Reason

One of the most ferocious releases of 2019 AD. An album that combines in a very competent and straight ahead way the punch of Black Metal and the feeling of Doom. Tides of Sulfur with “Paralysis of Reason” make both fans extremely happy with the result of the meld. An album that leaves all away the fear of recording an outrageous album with deep down voices from the ultimate ulterior depths of hell with guitars and drums that go easily from the speed of light to sludged cadenced riffings.

There are five non-linear tracks in “Paralysis of Reason” which makes it an EP, even though its length. In fact, each track is a surprise due to the extreme experiences Tides of Sulfur allow us to feel. When you melt two very different cadence and tempo styles the result is what you listen in “Paralysis of Reason.” Take last, but not least, track “Paralysis of Reason” where a low-tuned guitar gives the directions into a musical nightmare. A catacombed voice straight from hell leads the way to reach the realm of lost souls, but this trip is unsure. The only certainty is that it will take long enough for you to loose your soul in the midst of all the suffering Tides of Sulfur imply.

I meant it when I said “Paralysis of Reason” isn’t a linear album. Take first track “Worms” for instance that kicks off with a straight ahead and right to it riffing to shake all foundations of reason. Metal was built to shake foundations, not to concur with the system. Of course, we all do like to stick to some safety, but a little shake is needed at times. I’m pretty sure Tides of Sulfur with “Paralysis of Reason” will shake your beliefs.

Tides of Sulfur “Paralysis of Reason” will be released on March 29th via Sludgelord Records/APF Records /Astral Noize Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Worms
  2. Humourless C*nt
  3. DLMM
  4. Pariah
  5. Paralysis of Reason

Watch “Worms” official video: