TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS: I Saw Tensions Brewing Between K.K. DOWNING And GLENN TIPTON During Making Of ‘Demolition’

Judas Priest With Tim

During a recent appearance on “The Jasta Show,” former JUDAS PRIEST singer Tim “Ripper” Owens has once again defended Kenneth “K.K.” Downing over the comments the ex-PRIEST guitarist made about his former bandmates in his 2018 autobiography, explaining that Downing is just telling the truth.

“Listen, he just told truths in the book,” Owens said. “He told truths, and you get crap for it. Unfortunately, that’s what happens. Should he have said all the things? He was hurt. Things happened. It didn’t go right. He talked about it in his book. If he didn’t tell those things and he made a book that was just about other stuff, people would have said, ‘Why didn’t he talk about the other stuff?’ And then you do the interviews, and people said, ‘K.K. needs to stop bringing these points up.’ And I’m, like, ‘Well, no. He’s being asked about these points. And then he’s answering the questions.’ And then it’s on the front of Blabbermouth that whatever…”

Owens went on to say that tensions between Downing and Glenn Tipton had been brewing for quite some time before K.K.‘s exit from the group.

“I saw it during [the] Demolition [album cycle],” he said. “We weren’t even together hardly at [the time we made] Demolition; it was never Glenn and Ken together ever. I would go to Ken‘s house on the weekends and we would hang out and have a pint, play some snooker. And it was brewing then. And, obviously, money helps out, so you get [former singer] Rob [Halford] back and you get your millions back and you’re not playing [smaller venues] anymore.”

“He still doesn’t say bad things about those guys when we’re together; he never talks bad about ’em — ever,” Owens continued. “You know why? Because I don’t ask any questions about it. I’m not the guy interviewing him going, ‘So, what did….?’ I don’t really wanna know — I don’t wanna know about it. I read the book. I know what’s going on. All that stuff that he talked about, I knew half of it, that went on. But people ask him, so it sounds like he’s whining. He doesn’t walk into an interview going, ‘All right. Let me tell you about the dirty laundry. Let’s talk about this.'”

KK’s PRIEST, the band comprised of renowned former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist, K.K. Downing and former vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens, along with bandmates Tony NewtonAJ Mills and Sean Elg have released their debut album, Sermons of the Sinner, October 1, 2021 via Explorer1 Music Group/EX1 Records.