TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS On ROB HALFORD’s Comment That A Straight Man Can’t Front JUDAS PRIEST: ‘Maybe I’m Gay And I Didn’t Know It’

Tim Ripper Owens

In a recent interview with the Edmonton Journal, JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford said that a straight man can can’t do his job.

“A straight man can’t do my job. That’s the way I view it.” Halford said. Freddie [Mercury] said it wasn’t important, but if Freddie hadn’t have been gay, QUEEN would’ve been a totally different band.”

In a new interview with RadioactiveMike Z, host of the program “Wired In The Empire,” Owens was asked if he had a response to Rob‘s latest remark, to which he replied: “Rob and I are friends, and I really don’t care [about his comment]. What’s he supposed to say? Rob is the band. He is the singer, and Rob‘s gay, so what you can say? I don’t care that he said it. He’s the singer of JUDAS PRIEST. I think it’s funny. Obviously, someone else can sing in [the band]. Maybe I’m gay and I didn’t know it.”

“I love Rob. He’s so amazing — he’s an amazing guy. We’re friends, and he’s the singer of JUDAS PRIEST. He’s the Metal God… I don’t think he means anything by it. He just said it. I don’t care. JUDAS PRIEST was my college. I do what I do now because of JUDAS PRIEST… I sang with them; I had a great time; and comments like that, those are just fun comments.”