Tine – The Forest Dreams of Black

a2158812893_10 There are so many different genres in the world of metal that so many combinations are common, and on the other hand plenty aren’t. And today the combination that was just recently known to be is the combination of blackened death and symphonic metal to create Tine’s debut album “The Forest Dreams of Black”. I will say that the blackened death dominates overall in the end, but there are plenty of symphonic elements to satiate your appetite if you’re looking for some, and although this album is mind blowing it is definitely a very good start for Tine by all accounts. All but 2 tracks are well over 5 minutes long which give Tine plenty of time to showcase their versatility with long songs and really making it worth sticking around that entire time and for me they managed to pull that off pretty well. Did I mention that this is also a 2-man band? That’s right. This little precious piece is made by two people who know exactly what the fuck they are doing all the way. The up front growls also sometimes mix with backing vocals that have a smoother tone to them that really balance things out and they just sound phenomenal when the two vocalists are singing at the same time, particularly at the end of the track “The Crusade of Dracul” (which is my favorite) where everything comes together and creates a magnificent sound. By the end of “The Forest Dreams of Black”, it’s not the greatest black metal piece I’ve heard before, but it definitely shows that Tine have got plenty of potential without a doubt. They manage to create their own unique blend of metal and make it sound good all the while. Their sophomore effort will without a doubt show how Tine has evolved since this album, and I can tell you right now that it will be nothing short of awesome.

You can purchase “The Forest Dreams of Black” via iTunes here, stream the track “The Crusade of Dracul” via YouTube below, and listen to the entire album on Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:

  1. Enter the Black Forest
  2. Horrors at Antioch
  3. Lord is Self
  4. The Darkest Premonition (of things to come…)
  5. Encounter with the Shadow People
  6. The Crusade of Dracul
  7. Herein Lies the Crooked Elm
  8. The Key to Forbidden Knowledge
  9. The Watchful Eye