TONY IOMMI Is Remixing the Unsung ‘Forbidden’

To many Sabbath’s fans “Forbidden” is the album that brough shame to the spotless band’s catalog even though with musicians like the late drummer Cozy Powel and bassist Neil Murray. Let’s not forget vocalist Tony Martin, maybe the reason to all the unloving. Now the master Tony Iommi is giving one more chance to the unsung album in a video shared on his social media. Read excerpts here:

“Hello everybody. It’s that time of year again, it’s all happening. It’s Christmas. We’ve had great Christmas here and I hope you have too. It’s been good fun. And it’s been a great year as well, I’ve enjoyed being at home and doing other things, as well as music. “

“Next year there will be ‘Forbidden’ album coming out, which we’re remixing at the moment, Mike Exeter and myself. And that’s been interesting too, pulling that apart and at least try and get some better sounds on it. As it should be. I know Cozy [Powell] was never happy with his drum sound, and none of us were really happy with the sound on that album. So, hopefully, now it will be sounding better.”

Watch “Forbiden” video here: