TONY IOMMI On ‘Farewell Tour’: ‘I Had A Great Time On The Last Tour Playing With The Guys’

A few days ago Mr. Madman told in an interview that he didn’t have a great with Black Sabbath’s ‘Farewell Tour’ because ‘with them, I’m just a singer’. It seems that Tony didn’t quite agree with the Madman. In an interview with The List, Tony told bis side of the story:

“I saw that, but I don’t know what he meant. I had a great time on the last tour playing with the guys, and Ozzy never mentioned anything to me. He seemed to enjoy it and we had a laugh, so I don’t know. So I think possibly that quote was taken out of context.”

On writing new songs

“I couldn’t stop playing, but the thing is now I can do it in my own time. When you are touring, it’s booked for 18 months – which is fantastic, I love playing on stage – the reason I stopped was the travelling.”

“It takes it out of your body. Even though we travelled with our own plane, great hotels, you still get tired and get to bed at four or five in the morning, but I still love being on stage, I love playing and I love seeing the fans. ”

“At the moment, I’m in the process of remixing [Black Sabbath’s 1995] ‘Forbidden’ with Tony Martin [vocals], Cozy Powell [drums] and Neil Murray [bass]. That’s an album I’ve never been satisfied with so I’m about to start pulling that apart and remix it.”