Tony Mills – Beyond The Law

Life goes on and on, sometimes life goes by. Things go in and out. Pure popular belief to mean that things change, but don’t change entirely or completely. The same happens with music, trends go, trends change, but don’t change that much. There are trends that last a lot, maybe forever, even though the patrol of good taste have killed them a thousand times. Forever, though, is a very strong word. In terms of music everything that lasts more than ten years is like forever. Nowadays, maybe everything that lasts more than five years.

Do you recall those 1980s trash movies with a soft Metal, or AOR, soundtrack? Well, I thought that this kind of sonance was dead because the place where it felt better, FM radio stations, don’t exist anymore. But for my surprise, I’m here with Tony Mills “Beyond The Law” that sounds exactly as Survivor, Foreigner, Toto, and other bands that were in every movie from the 1980s and at every FM radio stations. Those bands weren’t exactly populat with headbangers because they weren’t heavy enough to be Metal, but they were hard enough to the bunch. In some way they were an evolution of art rock bands as Kansas. For some strange reason, those bands were a huge success all around the 1980s.

“Beyond The Law” has lots of singalong songs the kind that glue to your mind for a long time and you see yourself singing it without even noticing. Is it bad? Well, no, not at all. As their peers, Tony Mills are a very competent band with good musicians. Listen to the guitar intro of “Black Sedan” and tell me about it. “Beyond The Law” has great tunes indeed if you are looking for an AOR band with some touches of 1980s art rock. Tony Mills is a great vocalist, great and well-tuned voice which highlights the album and its songs. For today’s regular heavy metaller he’s too sweet, I get it, but if you give him a try, you might even like it because the “Beyond The Law” has great songs. If you wanna know how was the real sound of the 1980s, “Beyond The Law” is really a good choice as well.

Ah, listen to “Bonnie’s Farewell” to see how the mix with pop was done.

Tony Mills “Beyond The Law” was released on June 26th via Battlegod Productions.

Track Listing:

  1. The Westside

  2. Beyond The Law

  3. Running Guns

  4. F.B.I.

  5. Black Sedan

  6. We Sold Your City

  7. Crackin’ Foxy

  8. Bonnie’s Farewell

  9. Code of Silence

  10. Gunfire

Watch “Beyond The Law” official video here: