TONY MILLS Gets ‘Beyond The Law’

TONY MILLS releases his latest solo album, “Beyond The Law,” with a clear understanding that it is to be his final written work as an artist, after a career as a major recording artist since being signed to RCA Music in 1985. “Beyond The Law” is a hard edged and hooky rock album with an angle on prohibition and the gangland mobs of the 1930’s to the westside youth culture of the 1960’s and a theme portrayed by his vocals and his preferred musicians in current times. Co-written with Tommy Denander (Alice Cooper), Peter Newdeck (Midnite City) and Patrick McKenna (Shy), the album is a hard 44 minute blast of Mills final vocal performances, before hanging up his microphone after 40 years as a rock singer. It was produced by Newdeck and Mills, mixed by Pete Newdeck and mastered by H-Bomb Mastering.

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