TOOL Fan With Coronavirus Attended Band’s Concert In Auckland

Tool 2019
Photo credit: Travis Shinn

A man infected with coronavirus attended the TOOL concert in Auckland on February 28. He may have been infectious at the time. He was in the general admission standing area in the front left-hand quadrant at Spark Arena,” New Zealand Herald reports.

The man’s wife, who also has coronavirus, told Stuff her husband had an occasional mild cough and felt some tiredness.

Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield told media: “We encourage all people in the area of the concert to be aware of the symptoms and contact the Healthline if concerned. The advice is that the risk is very low for all others who attended this concert.

“There was no way of tracking the people who were in that area of the concert. They are classed as causal contacts and the advice to them is to call Healthline if they have any symptoms.”

By Thursday, officials reported more than 98,000 global cases of Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, and more than 3,280 deaths in at least 15 countries.