TOOL Tell Fan Who Won’t Drink Until New Album Comes Out When It’ll Be Done

A fan shane1333  said on the TOOL Reddit threat that band’s bassist Justin Chancellor told him that the new album will come out in seven months after the fan told him that he won’t drink until that.

He posted following message on Reddit:

Justin finishes at the end of the month

Adam takes the entire month of June Maynard finishes in July

August/September mixing/mastering

October/November back catalog releases on streaming services, opiate video release, Album announcement, and pre orders available.

Single release 5 days before album release if they want to (it would be after the APC tour, so possibly Christmas Eve Eve since the tour ends on the 19th of December and APC did most of their singles on a Monday)

Album release December 28th, which is a Friday January vinyl reissue

99.99999% sure I am grasping at straws here, but just my opinion.

EDIT: formatting and here is what the commenter said: I’m not going to out the person, but this is what he said.

I told this story to Justin at the Cleveland clinic……when my wife got pregnant in 2010 I agreed not to drink since she couldn’t. After the birth of our son she said she liked the sober me better. So she asked me to expand the non drinking. I told her sure…… I would not drink until the new Tool album came out……….Justin paused……..gave me a big smile and said….. Sorry mate…… I said I figured it would be a year tops because it had already been four since 10000 days………he laughed and said can you wait 7 months for your next beer???? I said I don’t need the beer but would love the music……..he shook my hand heartily and said…… seriously just 7 months and you can have them both?????????

EDIT 2: updated dates for accuracy