TOOL’s ADAM JONES Says He Wants To Take ARCH ENEMY On Tour

Adam Jones Alissa White Gluz

In a new interview with Metal Hammer magazine, TOOL guitarist Adam Jones was asked which band he would most like to take on tour.

“That’s a loaded question!” he responded. “There are so many! I really like ARCH ENEMY. That was one that I was really thinking about asking.”

Jones went on to say that TOOL refuse to use a classic industry model when it comes to picking bands to support them, seeing it as an opportunity to give artists some vital exposure, rather than making a quick buck for themselves.

“I mean, a lot of bands that are our level do the industry giveaway, take out a band that will actually pay them for the exposure,” he said. “We’ve never done that. Never done pay-to-play back in the old Sunset Strip days, and never charged bands that we take out with us. We always pay the bands and ask them ourselves, and we always take out bands that we like. 

“We don’t have to look for a band to draw tickets, because we don’t really have a problem doing that, so what we do is we take turns. It’s Dan‘s turn so he picks this band, then it’s Justin’s turn and he picks that band, Maynard‘s turn and he picks a band. This time it was my turn and I picked BRASS AGAINST. I have always really liked them: their energy, their cover songs, their wind section…you don’t really see that anymore.”