TOOL’s MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN Says He ‘Lost Few Family Members’ Due To COVID-19

Maynard James Keenan

In a recent interview with the Arizona RepublicTOOL frontman Maynard James Keenan revealed he contracted COVID-19 at the end of February and is still recovering.

“I’m still dealing with the residual effects. But it was ugly. I survived it, but it wasn’t pretty. So I definitely had to deal with that,” Maynard said.

The singer says that he went through “some major medications” to recover from coronavirus, and reveals that he “lost a few family members” due to ongoing pandemic.

“I kind of didn’t want to run around screaming it. But it’s real. And there’s after-effects,” he says. “I had to go through some major medications to undo the residual effects. Still coughing. There’s still lung damage.”

When asked if he is feeling good now, Maynard responded: “Well, no. I still have the cough. Every other day, I have these coughing fits because my lungs are still damaged at the tips. And I just got over the inflammation that was going on with my wrist and hands.

“I had an autoimmune attack on my system in the form of, like, a rheumatoid arthritis. Basically, from what I understand, it attacks weird spots and it’s random. So that’s what I got. That was my prize.”