TOOL’s New Music Video Apparently To Arrive Later This Year

Film director, screenwriter and digital artist, Dominic Hailstone, was recently interviewed by by Yutani, and he revealed that he has worked on a brand new TOOL music video.

He said: “A video for TOOL that should be coming out later this year. Adam Jones gave me complete artistic freedom so the only constraint was the budget, we had a lot of fun figuring that out. Other than that Alien Covenant as I was working with friends I hadn’t seen in over 15 years. That was special.”

TOOL drummer Danny Carey recently said that he hopes that the new album will arrive before May this year: “It’s all coming together really well. We’ll be hitting the studio again very soon and have a couple of gigs in May [Coachella Festival], so hopefully, we’ll have the album out before that. It’s wishful thinking at this point. I actually think I said that this time last year. [Laughs]”