Top 25 Metal Sub-Genres According To SPOTIFY


Couple months ago SPOTIFY revealed that heavy metal fans are the most loyal ones, but know they dig little further into how people listen to Metal by looking at the top 25 genres of metal (out of 91 in total) with the most listeners on Spotify.

  1. Alternative Metal mixes the heavy guitars of metal with elements of alternative rock. Emerging in the early ’90s, alternative metal includes melodic vocals and unconventional, experimental sounds or song structures (example: DISTURBED).
  2. Nu Metal is a form of alternative metal combining groove metal and thrash metal, with elements of grunge, hardcore, hip hop, funk, and industrial. It’s a hybrid synthesizing many disparate elements, in other words — just about anything goes, so long as it’s modern metal that incorporates influence from other genres (example:  DROWNING POOL).
  3. Hard Rock uses distorted electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, and often pianos or keyboards to give an extra edge to traditional rock. It has roots in the mid-’60s and influences from garage, blues, and psychedelic rock (example: TED NUGENT).
  4. Groove Metal is a slowed-down version of thrash metal. It has an intense sound but is played at mid-tempo (example: DEVILDRIVER).
  5. Rap Metal fuses the vocal and instrumental elements of hip hop with those of heavy metal and hard rock (example: LINKIN PARK).

Entire list can be seen at this location.