Top 5 Best Heavy Metal Songs to listen to on a first date


If you’re a single rock fan, where do you hang out if you’re seeking a partner who also loves loud music? Gigs aren’t always ideal settings – it can be tricky engaging in flirty chat against 120 decibels of noise! More and more fans of metal music are joining dating sites. Due to pandemic restrictions, it is the most popular way to meet singles as you can interact with other person from the comfort of your own home. This environment allows you to easily connect with people on your wavelength. You can sign up to Affairdating platform and browse through member profiles, keeping an eye out for individuals sharing your tastes. After finding another fan of this music and developing a rapport, you might plan a get-together. All you have to decide will be your first date playlist. So here top best songs that would be a perfect fit for this occasion.

Highway Star – Deep Purple

The Guinness Book of Records once labeled Deep Purple the world’s loudest rock band, due to the ferocious noise pummeling from the massive speaker stack at London’s Rainbow Theatre. Highway Star is an excellent example of the English metal band’s wonderful cocktail of fast riffs, Ian Gillan’s note-perfect vocal delivery, and classically-inspired solo work by lead guitarist Ritchie Blackmore, and organist Job Lord. Far more melodic than a lot of headbanging music, this track, the opener on their 6th studio album, Machine Head, would certainly get your first date off to a flyer.

Symptom of the Universe – Black Sabbath

Although there will always be debate about which band kick-started the heavy metal genre, Black Sabbath, hailing from Birmingham in England, can make a strong claim. Guitarist Tony Iommi was once working in a sheet metal factory­ when an accident severed two fingertips. Rather than derailing his musical ambitions, he switched to playing left-handed. This blistering track, from their 6th album Sabotage, covers a dizzying array of bases. Starting with a gentle acoustic lilt, a crunching riff erupts, driving the song, before it alters again into an extended jam. Add the legendary Ozzy Osborne to the mix, and here’s another classic for your metal date.

Don’t Fear the Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

Although Blue Oyster Cult are widely known as a New York heavy metal band, and one that has sold over 25 million records across the world, they also cover a variety of different styles. This single from their 1976 album ‘Agents of Fortune,’ written and performed by vocalist/guitarist ‘Buck Dharma,’ verges on radio-friendly ‘middle of the road’ rock, and peaked at number 7 in the charts. But for your first date, play the far more dynamic album version, which is much longer, and is highlighted by a beautifully climactic guitar solo.

Mouth for War – Pantera

Formed in Texas in the early 1980s, Pantera were early exponents of a much speedier style of heavy metal that was eventually termed, appropriately enough, thrash metal. A hugely influential band, they have sold over 40 million records worldwide, gaining a vast fan base in multiple countries. This was released as a single from their album, ‘Vulgar Display of Power,’ and encapsulates their frenetic playing. Rated a ‘metal classic’ by fans and critics alike, this will get your first date racing with adrenaline – especially when the searing guitar solo kicks in. Vocally, it’s all about channeling hate into something far more positive – like a successful date, perhaps?!

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

No list of recommended first-date metal anthems would be complete without the iconic English heavy rockers, Motorhead. Singer/bassist Lemmy, the grizzled performer, personifies the ‘live fast, die young’ ethos of this furious type of rock ‘n’roll, his fondness for Jack Daniels and chainsmoking contributing to his instantly-recognizable gravely delivery (although, ironically, he was still gigging until his untimely death, aged 70). His bassline is reminiscent of a train hurtling without brakes, and the guitar solo will lift your spirits.