Top 5 Best LGBTQ+ Rock & Metal Songs to listen to on a date

Rob Halford Motorcycle

Are you a gay single keen to connect with like-minded individuals? Do you also love earsplitting metal music! We’ve got good news for you. If you sign up for an online matchmaking resource, you can combine both aspirations. Dating sites are increasingly geared towards compatibility. After registering with a gay local hookup service, you’ll gain instant access to a treasure trove of eligible guys, many of whom will be metalheads. You’ll find it easy to strike up a rapport. How about some inspiration for icebreakers to get the chats started?! LGBTQ+ rock/metal tracks to listen to when you arrange a date? Here are five of the best.

‘Do Not Disturb’ by Halestorm

Pennsylvania rockers Halestorm have won Grammys for best hard rock/heavy metal performances and enjoyed chart success for their strident music. The lyrics to this song refer to making out with more than one partner. “Turn your cellphone off, leave a sign on the door that says do not disturb. And if I were you. I’ll bring your girlfriend, too.” This free-spirited attitude to mixing and matching lovers will set the mood for your LGBTQ action!

‘Raw Deal’ by Judas Priest

Judas Priest hail from England’s Midlands, for many, the birthplace of heavy metal (typified by Birmingham rockers Black Sabbath). But in a genre driven by machismo and objectifying females, Priest’s singer Rob Halford became known for sporting the leather outfits more familiar with underground gay clubs. Eventually coming out, he decided to fly the rainbow flag in the face of homophobia. In this upbeat rock song, he sings of sexual equality. “I guess I dream in pictures, not colours. The true expression I demand is human rights.”

True Trans Soul Rebel’ by Against Me!

US punk rockers Against Me! hail from Florida, and have released several well-received and critically-acclaimed albums. Their sixth, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, confronts the issues facing the trans community. Their singer and guitarist Laura Jane Grace came out as a trans woman in 2012, and ‘True Trans Soul Rebel’ is a powerful track that empowers trans individuals. The chorus is an uplifting sentiment for any LGBTQ date: “Who’s gonna take you home tonight, does God bless your transsexual heart, true trans soul rebel!”

‘John, I’m Only Dancing’ by David Bowie

Does Bowie really need an introduction? From origins as a purveyor of whimsical psychedelic folk in the early 70s, he swept to fame as the originator of Glam Rock, before going on to touch base with a dizzying array of musical genres. Although this classic single was recorded in two formats, including a disco version released in 1979, the original was a glam classic. It was never released in the USA by his label RCA due to its ‘risque content’ (it was about a gay dude telling his partner John not to be concerned about him dancing with a girl). But the perfect gay-oriented anthem for your date night playlist.

‘Rebel Girl’ by Bikini Kill

Formed in America’s Pacific Northwest in the early 1990s, when that part of the world had ushered in Nirvana and heavy ‘grunge’ music, Bikini Kill were the pioneers of the punk/feminist Riot Grrrl movement. Singer Kathleen Hanna extols the prospect of getting together with an exciting and dangerous rebel girl. “Rebel Girl, you are the queen of my world. I think I wanna take you home. I wanna try your clothes on.” This LGBTQ-friendly rock song has the right blend of adrenaline-rushing riffs and queer sentiment that will make for a memorable backdrop to your hot date.