Top-5 weirdest heavy metal subgenres that are actually exist

There are basically no limits to your imagination when it comes to any type of art. Especially when we’re talking about music. Heavy Metal as a genre has no boundaries either.

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The heavy subgenres you won’t believe exist

Heavy metal is a musical style for people with very specific tastes. It is usually associated with a dark way of thinking, with the world of the night, in short, with things that are not very pleasant for ordinary people. With heavy metal happens something very similar to what happens with casinos and that is that people who enjoy them are prejudiced. Before we continue if you are one of those who like casinos don’t hesitate to visit nz betting sites to find the best places to play and have a good time at the same time that you enjoy interesting bonuses.

There are sub-genres of heavy metal that are more popular and others that are not so popular, that’s why I’m going to talk only about the most prominent ones so that the article won’t be too long. Tony Sloterman – the product owner of Casino Bonus Finder Company – is a fan of heavy music, and believes that no one should be judged by their music taste.

  • Thrash metal: it is characterized because it is more aggressive and faster than heavy metal. Only the most hardcore fans enjoy this subgenre, as it is quite difficult to listen to. It was quite successful in the 80s and although nowadays it does not have so many followers, it still has its unconditional fans.
  • Black metal: without a doubt, the most extreme subgenre of heavy metal that exists. It is the only one in which lyrics related to the antichrist and satanism can be found in a direct way. If thrash metal was already aggressive, this one is much more so and that is why very few people nowadays enjoy it. As in the previous case, its greatest success took place in the 70s and 80s.
  • Doom metal: unlike the previous ones, which are characterized by being harder and more aggressive than heavy metal, doom metal uses slower rhymes and more serious sounds, all this accompanied by low and deep voices, to give rise to an atmosphere of tension very characteristic of this musical subgenre. To finish creating this environment, the lyrics deal with themes such as doom, darkness or fear.
  • Power metal: this subgenre, although still part of heavy metal, is much more cheerful and melodic than the previous ones. It developed at the same time as thrash metal, however, it followed a somewhat different trend. It is one of the subgenres of heavy metal most enjoyed by people who are not fans of this genre.
  • Death metal: despite its name, it is not the most aggressive genre (black metal described above is), although it is quite aggressive. The themes dealt with in this subgenre are hate, violence, history…and together with abrupt changes in the melodies and guttural voices, make this music a very striking and aggressive subgenre.

The subgenres mentioned in this list are the ones that have more followers, however, they don’t have to be the ones that you may like the most. Depending on your tastes you can search for information on the internet because as I said before, the amount of subgenres within heavy music is incredible and it is practically impossible not to find one that you might like.