Top Study Resources to Prepare and Pass Microsoft 98-349 Exam. How Reliable Are Practice Tests?


If you don’t have any experience working with Windows 10 Operating System, you need to first consider obtaining basic skills. Microsoft has designed entry-level exams for those new to IT. The Microsoft test Exam-Labs 98-349  is one of them. This guide is intended to give you information about this assessment and the related MTA certification in Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals. We will also shed light on the top resources to use in preparing for the test. Let’s get started then.

More about Exam 98-349

If this is when you are beginning your IT career or are wondering if that’s what you should go for, you need to think about passing an entry-level test like 98-349 which can be helpful in providing you with some essentials skills that you will need later. This Microsoft exam will help you acquire the basic skills related to Windows 10. You will understand how configurations are used for operating systems and their maintenance. Then, you’ll work with client systems installation and its updating. On top of these, you must be skillful in managing apps, devices, and files.

As an entry-level test, you will have to tackle 40-60 questions within 45 minutes. The formats in which the various questions come are different. They can be short answer, case study, best answer, multiple-choice, build list, and mark review among others. The qualification mark is 700 out of 1000 points.

How you will perform in the test is dependent on the study resources you make use of. Let’s now cover these resources in more detail.

Top Resources to Prepare and Pass Assessment 98-349

To successfully clear the items included in the main exam, you must focus your attention on the preparation journey. This will take proper utilization of resources that adequately cover the objectives of Microsoft Certification Test 98-349. These resources are as follows:

  • Microsoft Website

You need to obtain the official information regarding the upcoming exam from this platform. The vendor usually takes you through test objectives, structure, and rules that guide the registration and exam-taking. It’s also a good place to begin with when searching for resources to use in boosting preparation for the exam. For example, Microsoft recommends official training for the MTA 98-349 exam, which is course 40349B. This is a 3-day instructor-led training that deals with Windows technology. With it, you’ll always be able to ask an instructor about the most complicated issues that you don’t get. What’s more, Microsoft has the official practice test for 98-349 which contains 122 questions with detailed explanations and which can be accessed once you complete the payment. This Microsoft mock test costs around $58-66.


Practice tests are critical during exam prep. They provide you with a chance to understand the objectives deeper and to know the exam difficulty level. You’ll also be familiarized with the test format as well as the nature of the test environment. The is a leading online platform with trusted 98-349 practice tests and other helpful revision items. If you get the Premium Bundle at $59.99, you’ll be walking away with a mock test with 210 questions accompanied with expert-verified answers, a 50-lecture training course, and a study guide with 273 pages. Moreover, you can opt for some free mock tests that are attached to the official page of this provider. These tests are regularly updated and are uploaded to the platform by the recent test-takers.

The design of the exam questions requires the use of the ETE Exam Simulator created to make it easier for you to navigate through the questions. With this testing software, you can identify the questions which might appear in the main assessment and the best way to approach each of them. Remember that the practice tests are prepared in a similar way as the actual exam. So, when it’s time to finally take it, it will be easier for you.


Study guides form a significant part of a successful exam prep process. The is a test resource preferred by many candidates. Here, there are 98-349 exam study guides to equip those interested in foundational Windows 10 knowledge. Some of the most helpful study guides to use include Exam 98-349 Windows OS Fundamentals (from the Microsoft Official Academic Course), Microsoft Windows OS Essentials (T. Carpenter), Windows OS Fundamentals (C. Panek).

  • YouTube


If you wish to hold the MTA badge in your hand soon, this is the time to begin the journey. The Microsoft 98-349 exam requires basic experience to pass it. However, you are not going to find it easy to answer questions, cause Microsoft tests are quite challenging and require a creative mind. To make sure you are fully prepared for it, use the resources we have already outlined. Utilizing the Microsoft official course, study guides, and trustworthy practice tests from the is the only effective option you have. Get the skills you’ll need to advance to other credentials by succeeding in this test today!