Torche – Admission

Two reviews ago I said that we don’t expect too much surprise in our Metal world. I also said that Metal world has through the years acquired the ability of dealing with change and it doesn’t surprise that much. I meant that it takes a lot to surprise Metal world. Well, Torche with “Admission” were of a big surprise. Torche don’t add anything really new as a matter of fact, but the mix they do with big guitars and a post-punk vocal is just amazing. “Admission” is an adrenalized Big Country or The Cult album. To say adrenalized doesn’t pay the real respect to it; “Admission” is high-octaned with strong and wrathful guitars that would envy many Extreme Metal bands. From where I’m standing as a person who went through the 1980s and used to think that in those bands there were something missing, now I’ve got the perfect feeling. Torche took those post-punk sounds to perfection just adding those big guitars.

“From Here” kicks “Admission” off with the perfect guitar riffing; strong, violent, powerful, and big. The expectation left was what kind of vocal would make a big scene entrance. The expected was a fierceful beastly voiced one if pone thinks about the guitars, but nah, what comes is a gentle and perfectly tuned post-punk vocals. I admit the contradiction fits best here. I have never wondered it would work so fine as it did here in “From Here.” It is true that guitars loose a bit of their punch during the album, but what they lost in punch, they gained in mood as in “Inferno” and “Changes Come” with their moody cadences and atmospheres. Even the most extreme metalhead that hates everything related to post-punk – as I am – will be surprised and amazed by Torche’s “Admission.” True.

It’s true – a very well-hidden one – that every metalhead listens to other music. In general, in the darkest places of their homes. Well, if you are like this Torche and “Admission” are the ones to listen in those places. Be my guest.

Torche “Admission” was released on July 12th via Relapse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. From Here
  2. Submission
  3. Slide
  4. What Was
  5. Times Missing
  6. Admission
  7. Reminder
  8. Extremes of Consciousness
  9. On the Wire
  10. Inferno
  11. Changes Come

Watch “Admission” official music video here:

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