Torn Between Two Worlds – As If We Never Existed Review

There are zillion reasons to make me pick this band not another. To choose between that band not the other. This may sound a little bit awkward but it’s not only the music. Of course, the music is the main reason most of the times. However, other features than the music may look irresistible to me. An art cover, a band name, having female vocals, album name, overtones, the list goes on and on of things that triguer my interest in reviewing an album. Among all the musical reasons to do it there is one that my careful and dear fan may have noticed as I barely talk about. It’s when an album or even only one song reminds me of other. This reminding may be curious or not. In this very particular it is curious because after listening to all “As If We Never Existed” the song that triguered my attention was the grand finalle “Hello.” Do you my dear child of the night want to know why? Don’t laugh or think ill of me. This song reminded me the pop duo Roxette… Never mind…

Well, okay. Maybe my dear fan doesn’t know this duo I aforementioned. It may sound weird but this conexion fits like a glove with I’ve been saying about Symphonic Metal for some time. Don’t remember what I always say? No problem, I’ll remind you. From where I’m standing Symphonic Metal is today a kind of point of entry to Metal music as it has many liaisons with pop music. My point is that bands have to deal with the balance between Metal and pop features. Sometimes the desire of adding more pop elements is irresistible and the album goes too pop. That’s what we here with “As If We Never Existed” EP. Pop elements are overwhelming and sometimes as in the aformentioned track they get stronger than Metal’s. However, the album has a balance as in the album opener “The Beauty of Deception” or in the following track “Transparent” with it’s opera like opening with strong guitars and drumming.

I recommend this “As If We Never Existed” to my dear fan that likes Symphonic Metal with a strong taste of pop.

Torn Between Two Worlds “As If We Never Existed” will be released on June 03rd.

Track Listing:

  1. The Beauty of Deception
  2. Transparent
  3. The Woman That Never Was
  4. All Eyes in Me
  5. Hello

Watch “Transparent” official lyric video: