TORRENTIAL RAIN Premieres New Single ‘Left Outside’

Torrential Rain

German metalcore new-comers TORRENTIAL RAIN have released new single, “Left Outside.”

Once again featuring mixing and mastering by Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY, Sawdust Recordings), the release will be accompanied by a music video produced by the team around Christian Brauner featuring Hannelore Best and Christoph Messer (Actors) creating a vibrant music video that captures the dramatic essence of the song in a dance of colors. 

Chris, Domi, Dario and Gordy share their thoughts about the song’s lyrics: “We tried to connect this song with the previously released “Deaf Ears” and “Strung Out” and the themes within them. The breakup which the song revolves around is the initial cause for the feeling of being alone. The listener is put in perspective of someone who is just lying to themselves slowly coming to terms with reality and facing the truth. The person is now look-ing back on memories they deeply regret but cannot let go of. The downward spiral begins.”