Total Hate – Throne Behind A Black Veil

I have told that sometimes you get deceived by a band’s name. In this case, I wasn’t deceived by the content which beforehand I though it would be feral and virile. My mistake was to think Total Hate as a Hardcore band. You know, the word hate is much more familiar to hardcore than to Metal at all. Although, as I told before, Black Metal owes a lot to Hardcore. But make no mistake, there are tracks in “Throne Behind a Black Veil” that pay the homage, at least unconsciously I guess, to Hardcore as “Decline of Human Life – Part II” with its high velocity drumming and riffing and full of hatred vocals. There is also some slight and hidden irony and debauche on vocals as a good Hardcore band would.

I got completely stoned by the vigorous music inside this “Throne Behind a Black Veil” just because sometimes we forgot how pungent Black metal can be, and it was in the beginning. I don’t want to complain, but Black Metal lost a lot of its power of doing evil with time. It kind of sweetened by too many instrumentals and symphonics and things. To listen to a Black Metal album one had to be prepared to blow the ears off. There are two features that make “Throne Behind a Black Veil” specially insane; the insane vocals and the mad precise guitar interventions. Vocalist Adrastos yells all time doing a lot of incredible noise passing us a rage that it’s actually supernatural. What he does in “Death Raid Apocalypse” is a peculiar example of it. Guitar interventions are fast and furious as they have to be doing a lot of noise as well. Just the way guitars have to act; boldly and proudly. I don’t know you, but sometimes I think that in some acts the guitars have to excuse for playing a solo. No, sir, that’s not Metal at all. Total Hate aren’t any of this. The band play with bloody eyes and relentlessly. Very nice for a monday, isn’t it?

Total Hate “Throne Behind a Black Veil” was released on August 02nd via Eisenwald.

Track Listing:

  1. Psychopath
  2. Decline of Human Life – Part II
  3. Thou Shalt Not Kill Killing Spree
  4. Raven Wings Witchcraft Spells
  5. His Throne Behind a Black Veil
  6. Death Raid Apocalypse
  7. Lunatic Beast
  8. Venomed Seed

Watch “His Throne Behind a Black Veil” official music video here: