Töxik Death – Sepulchral Demons

The first thing that comes to my mind while listening to Töxik Death “Sepulchral Demons” is what the hell is going on? It seems that all hell’s breaking loose and there are thousands demons wondering around this sad and lonely and pathetic planet anxious for revenge and retribuition and thiristy for the blood of the unadvised. By the looks of it it seems that Töxik Death have opened all gates of hell ands freed legions of demons that are loose and active. That’s the story told behind the high-velocity music performed in “Sepulchral Demons” which is the great return of the Speed-Thrash Metal from the 1980s. It may sound a pleonasm or redundant, but that’s the idea. “Sepulchral Demons” isn’t a simple sample of the 1980s Thrash Metal, but it lies before it in bands that experimented speed at its top and achieved a very aggressive and heavy music bordering the limits of Extreme Metal and Old School Metal. That’s why some tracks are more balanced as “Morbid Divination” or “Undead Vengeance,” the last, but not least track. The riffing herein in pretty different from the Thrash riffing. There are no pal-muting and the choruses, only to quote a few. Early Sepultura and Slayer would be proud.

It’s not any Metal fan that is able to endure the experience of listening to all the album. The speed and the pounding of the drums confuse and leave the fan a bit dizzy. The feeling of having a hammer hammering in the ears is constant and pungent. It’s not really for everybody. The constant, and for some anoying, zooming of the guitars fills all the blanks in the music and creates a sense of asynchrony. The fan may loose the sense of time and space. There are seven tracks of the most pure and merciless smacking. Just pick any track and play it the loudest as possible and you’ll get what I’m saying.

Töxik Death “Sepulchral Demons” shows the roots of Extreme Metal music. This effort is 1980s Heavy Metal at its purest form and shows all the untamed spirit of the hordes that march around the globe. I have no doubt that the fan will recall Running Wild and Iron Angel immediately. The drummer may be very exhausted by now…

Töxik Death “Sepulchral Demons” will be released on August 21st via  High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Sepulchral Demons

  2. Savage Nights

  3. Malicious Assassin

  4. Sadistic Sorcery

  5. Morbid Divination

  6. Incantation of Annihilation

  7. Undead Vengeance

Watch “Sadistic Sorcery” official video here: