TRAGEDY Launch Remastered Heavy Metal Version Of THE BEE GEE’s Hit ‘Stayin’ Alive’

Tragedy Metal Meets Disco

US powerhouse TRAGEDY promises another all metal tribute to THE BEE GEEs and beyond with its first release on Napalm Records, Disco Balls to the Wall, a collection of new masters, new mixes and some all-new recordings of TRAGEDY’s most beloved songs, out July 30. Prepare your air guitars and get the party started!

Following up on their enjoyably bombastic take on the Grease soundtrack classic You’re The One That I Want, NYC-based TRAGEDY swirls the spirit of disco with red-hot heavy metal on their second remastered single, Stayin’ Alive (The Bee Gees). The song was originally released on TRAGEDY‘s album The Joy Of Sex (2017) and supported by a hilarious music video with several nods to the 1970s classic movie, Saturday Night Fever.

TRAGEDY say about “Stayin’ Alive”:
This song and video represents so many awesome things about what is arguably the world’s greatest city, New York, and inarguably the world’s greatest band, TRAGEDY. NYC and TRAGEDY are a melting pot of energy, creativity…and insanity. We’ve brought together these warring worlds – disco and metal – and forged an invincible musical and cultural alliance. Travolta struts. Massive riffs. Tight pants. Lush harmonies. Is it disco? Is it metal? Yes. Yes, it is.”

The band’s first offering with Napalm Records will include TRAGEDY’s unique twist on hits such as Abba’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)” and “Dancing Queen”Toto’s “Africa”Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” and Adele’s intense super-hymn ”Skyfall”, just to name a few. These fearsome brothers drop the perfect selection of all-time favorite disco, soft-rock and pop favorites – completely reimagining them as glorious, red-hot heavy metal treatments.

Disco Balls to the Wall is the biggest, sexiest, collection of hits we’ve ever released. It’s as if the Bee Gees turned into werewolves, ate some teens, then bred with the local dog population; thus creating the world’s most beastly recordings of disco and soft-rock songs ever made. Sharing this album with your friends and lovers will make you 500% more desirable.”

Disco Balls To The Wall Tracklisting:
1. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
2. You’re the One That I Want
3. Evil / Baker Street
4. Stayin’ Alive
5. Sweet Caroline
6. Raining Blood / It’s Raining Men
7. How Deep Is Your Love
8. Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In
9. Africa
10. Total Eclipse of the Heart
11. Tragedy
12. Dancing Queen
13. Skyfall
14. Hot Stuff