Tragic Forms – Arms Round the Armistice Review

First things first. Always. Tragic Forms is a very interesting name for a band as it remains simple but with the composed nouns as many bands adore these days. It brings the sign of modernity the band delivers here with songs that could be in any Modern Metal album. I said could be because Tragic Forms’ music isn’t that simple as the band is the most complicate and intricate example of blending and mixing influences I’ve ever seen here in those seven years. Let’s say the band goes from Skid Row to Pantera not forgetting the sound of Modern Metal bands – which I refuse to say the names. In fact, I don’t really refuse. The problem is that I don’t remember them now. To make it simple, bottomline, “Arms Round the Armistice” is the mix of a modern Pantera with Skid Row vocals plus some modern metal features. That sums it up.

“Arms Round the Armistice” is a rough and direct album even though the unexpected mixes. There are no shredds and the music rolls straight ahead with few changes of tempo or cadence. The honored exception is “Death Rules” with a Prog Metal intent in its final moments with an acoustic guitar. Of course, as Tragic Forms deal with some Modern Metal forms there are lots of effects as in “Scrape” to give the song the desired intent. The leads are, most of the time, short with no signs of shredding guitarists which is something some people love. Never forgetting to mention, on the other hand, I’d rather have a shredder. Some songs have a heavier guitar tone that stands out from the album as in “A Sort of Serenity” whose guitars are pretty thick. The tone here kind of reminds Zakk Wylde’s, mostly due to the guitar squeaks that are his trademark. But, what really outstands here is Garrett Brooks’ voice whose tone addresses a lot to one Sebastian Bach.

The blend Tragic Forms do here is pretty interesting bringing the finesse of Old School Heavy Metal with Pantera’s Groove Metal and the addition of Metalcore, which, by the way, doesn’t ruin the album. On the other hand, those Metalcore elements give “Arms Round the Armistice” its identity – a strong one if I may. I don’t know if this kind of album pleases many metallers, but I was pretty pleased by it in so many ways. I like this kind of unexpected combinations even more when the past and the present are mixed together. I really had no trouble in listening to it for more than twice.

Tragic Forms “Arms Round the Armistice” was independently released on September 01st.

Track Listing:

  1. Indicatrix
  2. Prayers of Indifference
  3. Decay Inside
  4. Ever Ethereal
  5. Chasing the Ghost
  6. When Flame Is Quickest
  7. Scrape
  8. A Sort of Serenity
  9. The Great Imperator
  10. Death Rules

Watch “A Sort of Serenity” official lyric video here: