TRAITOR To Launch ‘Last Hope For The Wretched’ Album On CD

Formed in the fall of 2012 and inspired by bands such as MOTORHEAD, JUDAS PRIEST, GWAR, ACCEPT, and GG ALLIN, TRAITOR are preparing to unleash their latest offering Last Hope for the Wretched on CD format on July 8th, through First Blood Family Records. 

TRAITOR released their debut EP Delaware Destroyers in late 2014, and embarked on a powerful journey to discover their sound. TRAITOR explores a wide range of themes from personal loss, political strife and war, as well as mutant heroes and cult movies. Not wishing to constrain themselves within the slim margins of what defines metal genres today, TRAITOR’s personal brand of heavy metal can range from thundering double bass and ripping speed riffs, to bass heavy single kick jams under a grooving solo. Further distinguishing TRAITOR from the masses is their twin vocal attack. Led primarily by Greg’s gruff traditional vocal style, they also bring out Joe’s death-thrash vocals for a back-up punch, as well as leads on their heavier songs.

TRAITOR released their second, self-titled EP in 2017, as well as their split 7 with SACRIFICIAL BLOOD, featuring the song “Weapon X”. January 2022 saw the digital release of their debut full-length album, Last Hope For The Wretched, showcasing TRAITOR‘s exclusive brand of heavy metal that disregards trends, breaks free of the shackles of purity, and delivers an attack that is truly one of a kind. 

Listen on Bandcamp here, or below:

Upcoming Tour in July 2022:

Friday 7/8 Pittsburgh PA(Roadkiller, Vicious Blade @Rock Room)
Saturday 7/9 Cleveland OH (Vandallus, Roadkiller @maple grove tavern)
Sunday 7/10 Milwaukee WI (Xray Arcade, not yet confirmed)
Monday 7/11 Chicago IL (Wraith, Gavel @reggies music joint)
Tuesday 7/12 Cincinnati OH (Scab Hag, Aiden Wilder, Obnoxious Boot, The sound that ends creation, @Legends Bar)
Wednesday 7/13 (no show booked)
Thursday 7/14 Knoxville TN (blackhearts booking/brickyard bar still waiting to confirm bands)
Friday 7/15 Charlotte NC (Nemesis, night Magic, Ladyhel@skylark social club)
Saturday 7/16 DC (Murdersome, Wythersnake, Ninth Realm @ atlas brew works)