Traitors Gate – Fallen

Traitors Gate are one more forgotten band from the 1980s that, for our sakes, No Remorse Records gave another shot at glory. Traitors Gate had their debut album, “Devil Takes the High Road,” released in 1985. For some unknown reasons, they ceased activities after a long period of shows. And now they are back!

At first one may think Sy Davies vocals are too similar to our dearest Bruce Dickinson. That would be a flat mistake. The guy does much more. I won’t say his tone of voice doesn’t sometimes get similar to Bruce’s. Because it does. The thing is Sy Davies is a very resourceful singer. He goes easily from a tenor to a very gritty voice, and everything in the middle. So Traitors Gate are also a resourceful band. “Fallen” is a varied album. Songs are very different from each other. Traitors Gate are a band of a strong personality. There is no doubt about that. It makes it difficult to choose only a song as a highlight, but “Edge of Destruction” and “Retribution” are good choices.

In “Fallen,” Traitors Gate follows a path Judas Priest gave in “Painkiller”: a very technical heavy metal with some dashes of power and epic tunes. A pretty good job. I guess “Painkiller” is the right reference to explain how “Fallen” sounds. Sometimes chordly riffed, sometimes angry and sharp riffed, “Fallen” gives its own contribution to the evolution of Metal kind. “Solar Plains” ilustrates that pretty well. As I told before: Heavy Metal is still evolving. Traitors Gate and “Fallen” are a living proof.

Traitors Gate “Fallen” will have its shot at glory on May 25th via No Remorse Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Retribution
  2. Homeland
  3. Deceiver
  4. Mean Streets
  5. Edge of Destruction
  6. Solar Plains
  7. Fall from Grace
  8. Sign of The Cross
  9. Only the Strong
  10. Fallen

Watch “Only the Strong” official video here: