TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY RECORDS Release Label Sampler For Free Download

TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY RECORDS have just released a label sampler that consists of 36 tracks and it’s available on their Bandcamp page.

Label owner Kunal Choksi comments: “Here’s our 2018 label sampler. It’s a great way to see which releases are coming up and the kind of promos that you will receive from this end in the foreseeable future. As always, there will be a mix of styles and hopefully, it’ll end up being a better year than 2017 was – which was incredible to say the least. Please feel free to spread the news about it as it’s only for free download. The sampler is up on our official BANDCAMP page.”

Track listing:
1. HEADS FOR THE DEAD (International) – Serpent’s Curse (Death Metal)
2. DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN (International) – …And You Will Obey Me (Crust/Death Metal)
3. NATTRAVNEN (International) – Suicidium, The Seductress Of Death (Death Metal)
4. ROGGA JOHANSSON (Sweden) – The Re-emergers (Death Metal)
5. FERAL (Sweden) – Horrendous Sight (Death Metal)
6. EYE OF PURGATORY (International) – Fornever To Awaken (Swedish Death Metal)
7. CRAWL (Sweden) – Suffer (Death Metal)
8. DEPRAVITY (Australia) – Despondency (Dark Death Metal)
9. DE PROFUNDIS (UK) – War Be Upon Him (Death Metal)
10. HENRY KANE (UK) – Age of the Idiot (Death Metal/Crust)
11. SADISTIK FOREST (Finland) – Destructive Art (Death Metal)
12. WARLORD UK (UK) – Graveyard Planet (Old School Death Metal)
13. CEREBRUM (Greece) – A Face Unknown (Technical Death Metal)
14. XPUS (Italy) – Holy Sperm Upon The Lambs (Black/Death Metal)
15. BOKLUK (Spain) – Black Gush (Gnarly Death Metal)
16. SATHANAS (US) – The Left Hand Of Satan (Black/Thrash Metal)
17. NIGREDO (Greece) – Choronzon Possession (Black Metal)
18. IMPERIALIST (US) – The Singularity (Black/Death Metal)
19. OROB (France) – The Wanderer (Atmospheric Black Metal)
20. THE WANDERING ASCETIC (Singapore) – The Will To Live (Black/Thrash Metal)
21. OFFICIUM TRISTE (Netherlands) – World In Flames (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
22. TOWARDS ATLANTIS LIGHTS (International) – Babylon’s Hanging Gardens (Atmospheric Doom Metal)
23. ET MORIEMUR (Czech Republic) – Dies Irae (Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal)
24. ILLIMITABLE DOLOR (Australia) – Soil She Bears (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
25. LURK (Finland) – Reclaim (Atmospheric Sludge Metal)
26. ESOGENESI (Italy) – Abominio (Doom/Death Metal)
27. TÓM (Iceland) – Erak (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom)
28. CHALICE OF SUFFERING (US) – The Mist of Once Was (Doom Metal)
29. ARCHE (Finland) – Funereal Folds (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal)
30. P.H.O.B.O.S. (France) – Igneous Tephrapotheosis (Atmospheric Black/Doom Metal)
31. VEILBURNER (US) – Where Torment Has Danced Before (Experimental Black Metal)
32. 0N0 (Slovakia) – The Crown Unknown (Atmospheric Doom/Death Metal)
33. PROJECT OMEGA (Georgia) – Al Che Per Lui Ne Fia La Terra Aperta (Experimental Black Metal)
34. MORGUE SUPPLIER (US) – Cultic Rape (Experimental Death/Grind)
35. CHAOS MOTION (France) – Perturbation Of A Spin (Technical Death Metal)
36. PYRRHIC SALVATION (US) – A Martyr To Never Awaken (Experimental Black/Death Metal)