TRANSCENDING OBSCURITY RECORDS Releases 50-Band Strong Label Sampler

We’re thrilled to put out our new free-for-download label sampler that features exactly 50 bands from all over. We’ve come a long way doing this from a small bedroom in Mumbai, India when the idea of doing this for a living seemed all too fanciful. After tons of rejections from both bands and potential customers, we’re finally getting around to convince some of them that despite our geographical disadvantage, we can still do things in a significant manner. Circa 2019, we have two exclusive stores for US and Europe, in addition to ground distribution in two continents, while of course running our popular Bandcamp page and official store on our website. It’s not been easy but we’re not stopping any time soon. Please check out our new label sampler AT THIS LINK to get a glimpse into what’s coming from our side this year.

We’ve also put out new merch to commemorate the same, staying true to our roots while continually transcending obscurity.

This is our most ambitious sampler yet. It includes many new signings that we’ve worked hard on and which we hope you will enjoy. These are but songs off some very good albums to serve as a microcosm for what’s to come. It’s going to be our biggest year without a shadow of doubt. Like before, it starts off with the focus on death metal and grind, then to some very selected black metal and lastly, slowing things down in style with some expansive doom metal from all over. Each band brings its own sound to the sampler, further enhancing the overall appeal of what we’re striving to achieve with the label, working with variety and depth culled from the underground and taking it higher. The keyword here is ’emerge’ and if any of these acts get better noticed after we’re done with it, our purpose will have been achieved.

This is a pay-what-you-want compilation and any amount that is donated will be used towards the making of the upcoming hoodies and merch which has the fantastic front and back artwork exclusively created by the Italian designer View From The Coffin. We will also be looking forward to upgrading our packaging and offering more goodies with these artworks in the new year.

Track Listing:
1. MASTER (Czech Republic) – Vindictive Miscreant (Death Metal) 05:06

2. PAGANIZER (Sweden) – Apocalypse Writings (Death Metal) 03:40

3. THE GROTESQUERY (Sweden/US) – By Feral Ways (Death Metal) 04:10

4. REVOLTING (Sweden) – 1888 (Death Metal) 03:45

5. RIBSPREADER (Sweden/US) – Flesh Desperados (Death Metal) 03:16

6. BURIAL REMAINS (Netherlands) – They Crawl (Death Metal) 03:00

7. LIVE BURIAL (UK) – Swing Of The Pendulum (Death Metal) 05:12

8. NECROGOD (International) – In Mortal Confinement (Death Metal) 03:36

9. TO DESCEND (Sweden) – People Of The Abyss (Death Metal) 02:40

10. GRISLY (Sweden) – Parasite Parasite (Death Metal/Grind) 03:20

11. BURIAL HORDES (Greece) – Thrownness And Fallenness Of Being (Dark Death Metal) 05:06

12. COME BACK FROM THE DEAD (Spain) – Restless In Putrescence (Death Metal) 03:33

13. THOSE WHO BRING THE TORTURE (Sweden) – Another Victim Of Insanity (Death Metal) 03:37

14. BONES (US) – Carrion Crows (Death Metal/Crust) 02:44

15. HENRY KANE (UK) – Embraced By Nothing (Death Metal/Crust) 00:59

16. GOREGӒNG (US) – Goregӓng (Death Metal/Crust) 02:47

17. CRYPTIVORE (Australia) – Cadaverizer (Death Metal/Grindcore) 02:59

18. MARASMUS (US) – Carrion Ascension (Death Metal) 03:14

19. INNARDS (Portugal) – The Fog (Death Metal/Grindcore) 06:14

20. DRÅP (Sweden) – Verkanseld (Death Metal/Crust) 02:29

21. MEDIUM (Argentina) – Maximum Rampage (Grindcore/Crust) 02:11

22. ETERNAL STORM (Spain) – Detachment (Death Metal) 06:33

23. THORNAFIRE (Chile) – La Sierpe (Death Metal) 03:20

24. DEATH COURIER (Greece) – Mourning Ecstacy (Death/Thrash Metal) 02:07

25. HATEFUL (Italy) – A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (Technical Death Metal) 02:32

26. NOX IRAE (France) – All Is Over (Death/Thrash Metal) 03:42

27. COLOSSO (Portugal) – Famine (Atmospheric Death Metal) 04:13

28. ABSCESSION (Sweden) – Final Furnace (Death Metal) 03:29

29. DØDSFERD (Greece) – An Existence Without Purpose (Black Metal) 11:00

30. TEMPLE KOLUDRA (Germany) – Grey Apparition (Black/Death Metal) 05:02

31. BEDNJA (Croatia) – Povratak Kralja (Black Metal/Hardcore) 03:05

32. TRENCH WARFARE (US) – Axioms (Dark Death/Black Metal) 02:55

33. WAR POSSESSION (Greece) – God Of A Wicked Mind (Black/Death Metal) 04:58

34. WARDAEMONIC (Australia) – Endless War (Black Metal) 07:04

35. VAHRZAW (Australia) – Husk (Black/Death Metal) 05:40

36. SARCOPTES (US) – The Vertigo Soul (Black Metal) 06:47

37. MRTVI (UK/Serbia) – Chains Of Illusion (Experimental Black Metal/Noise) 03:18

38. KOSMODEMONIC (US) – With Majesty (Experimental Black Metal) 03:33

39. VANHÄVD (Sweden) – Om den vulgära farsens nonsens (Black Metal) 08:55

40. FELLED (US) – Fire Season (Atmospheric Black Metal) 07:17

41. MAZIKEEN (Australia) – Fratricide (Black Metal) 04:02

42. APHONIC THRENODY (UK/Chile) – Locura (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal) 07:38

43. OAK (Portugal) – Abomination (Atmospheric Death/Doom Metal) 06:19

44. SOOTHSAYER (Ireland) – Cephalopod (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal) 07:25

45. EREMIT (Germany) – Froth Is Beckoning (Atmospheric Sludge/Doom Metal) 11:22

46. HEX (Spain) – Thy Kingdom Gone (Death/Doom Metal) 04:25

47. THE DROWNING (UK) – In Cold Earth (Death/Doom Metal) 08:02

48. HEXER (Germany) – Pearl Snake (Cosmic Doom Metal) 12:30

49. POEMA ARCANVS (Chile) – Orphans (Doom Metal) 05:31

50. NOCTU (Italy) – Fitte Tenebre (Atmospheric Doom Metal) 16:09