Transnadežnost’ – Monomyth

The band has an odd name Transnadežnost’, but it sounds so good. I gave it a quick google to find out what the name means, but instead I found that what they do is called space rock, grunge, sledge… My, my, my! What on Earth is going here, my child of the night? I could say zillion of other labels to Transnadežnost’, but the ones I wrote. My guess is that those people who label know nothing about music. Hence they haven’t heard anything of the great 1970s jazz rock players as John McLaughlin, Chick Corea, or even Jeff Beck among others. It’s not because the band plays some dubs, chords full of chorus pedals and some arpeggios, their music can be labeled as space rock. Of course, Transnadežnost’ aren’t full of virtuosi as those bands, but they are good indeed. In fact, there are some amazing passages in “Monomyth” that makes you jawbreak. So sorry for the bad mood… hahahahahaha

All right, let’s go to “Monomyth,” shall we? There are seven tracks in it, and they are all instrumental except for “Huldra.” Their length vary from two minutes as in “Chewbacca” – what a cool name! -, to twelve minutes in “Day-Night.” As I said, though “Monomyth” isn’t clearly a virtuosi album, there are some moments of almost virtuosi as in “Kailash” which has a great and exciting cadence with a leading guitar giving the themes as if it were a jazz rock track. It takes some musical expertise to write a track like that with so many twists in tempo and cadence what Transnadežnost’ do with perfection. This track shows why I don’t buy the labels given to them. The one who have ever met jazz rock knows that. The percussion and the oriental like guitar give the tone I’m referring to. Then we have “Star Child” with a cool jazzy saxophone and an atmospheric guitar playing. Pretty space rock, huh? As far as I’m concerned space rock bands don’t generally use saxophones. Also, the sax is playing the theme as jazz bands do. well, there are also tracks as “Huldra” that actually seems to be ethereal and atmospheric. In fact, they could be labeled as space rock, whatever the hell this means. But it also has a jazz rock verve that begins by the middle of it. That’s what I’m referring to. Nevermind.

From where I’m standing it’s great to receive bands as Transnadežnost’ which revive all the good stuff that was made in the 1970s. Good to make today’s kids to know that nothing comes out of the blue.

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Transnadežnost’ “Monomyth” was released in 2018 via Addict Label.

Track Listing:

  1. Pacha Mama
  2. Ladoga
  3. Kailash
  4. Star Child
  5. Huldra
  6. Chewbacca
  7. Day-Night

Watch “Monomyth” official video here: