Trapcore Artists FOR THE WICKED Release Their New Video ‘Beez Neez’

For The Wicked

FOR THE WICKED, a Trapcore (self titled ‘’Fake Metal’’) band from Transylvania, Romania, has released a new video called “Beez Neez.”

“Beez Neez” is about the current state of their Balkan country where ‘’the church’’ has a major influence on people’s lives more or less subliminally dictating what they think and feel by a gospel of fear and greed. This unfortunate condition may be used by those that have luckily skipped the mindless brainwashing as the motivation to accomplish anything and stand for their own actions with confidence, while turning their backs on a prefabricated artificial ‘’god’’, a boogieman meant to scare those that try to catch glimpses of what’s behind the still standing walls of post-communism.

The video for “Beez Neez” is out now can be seen below.

Founded in Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania, in 2015, FOR THE WICKED was considered one of the most interesting and ambitious band appearances on the metal scene in Romania combining heavy riffs with aggressive vocals and catchy choruses in order to deliver a sort of modern metalcore/nu-metal hybrid.