TRAPT Is Challenging ICE-T To A Bare Knuckle Fight

Ice-T Trapt

TRAPT is on the roll recently! After feuding with basically now everyone. Afterstarting sh*t last week with BODY COUNT‘s Ice-T and New York hardcore legend Lord Ezac, TRAPT now had another meltdown, and even went to challenge Ice-T to a bare knuckle fight.

Series of his recent tweets can be seen below.

First tweet goes: “Where the f*ck is @DannyDiablo? I need to fight you in any way you want, cause I NEED to fight @RILEY_CYRUS bare knuckled! This is not a f*cking joke!! This is man to man! If I need to get through Danny for the pleasure of cracking Riley’s face, sanctioned, I will! I want this!!!”

Then this: If I have to fight and shed blood… every single Trump supporter should be watching! I am fighting for you! Let’s do this!!!! I am SOOOO ready! F*ck these Bernie B*tch left wing liberal Bands! F*ck em! I’m here for you!!!!”

Of course, here’s the one where he challenges Ice-T to a fight, “ICE T! You ready to go bare knuckle?! You started ALL of this sh*t!” TRAMP wrote. “I didn’t want it to be like this! I never tweeted at you! But I will defend my honor! To the f*cking death!”