Trauma – As the World Dies

Yes, Donny Hillier voice recalls a lot Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson’s. No one can’t help it noticing it at least for the first two tracks “The Rage” and “From Here to Hell” where the tone of voice surprises for being so near. But it seems that Trauma used it in their favor as an invitation card to their music. From third track on everything changes from vocals to instrumentals. Trauma leave the potent and epic Power Metal to a Modern Metal with more groove and crunchy guitars. Vocals change completely to acquire a strong personality which is what we expect from a Metal band. Title track and “Gun to Your Head” mark the change. 

It’s tempting to divide “As the World Dies” in two moments. However “Last Rites” marks another change of heart in it being what was used to be called power ballad. “Last Rites” is a power ballad which is much more power than ballad to tell you the truth. I say ballad due to its slow tempo and melodious vocals which turn into an aggressive and powerful tune. Following track seems to be a new ballad in its beginning, but soon it changes to be a fast and uptempo old school Metal just the way bands used to do in the 1990s with a catchy chorus. This track is also  a changing heart because in the end it slows down with a fingered guitar full of chorus effects with a melodious guitar solo to serve as bridge to the grand finale with an uptempo cadence and furious guitar solos.

The more we go through “As the World Dies” the more we get surprised by Trauma’s ability to surprise us. An album which was supposed to be linear and standard turns out to be surprising. “Entropy” has an exciting chordly riffing which brings a lot of power and emotion. There is no sign of the band that recorded the first two tracks and reminded a lot Iron Maiden. Here we got a band full of energy and personality. No kidding that a completely different band emerges from the depths of “As the World Dies.” Though the touches of Hammerfall are in the air here and there, nonetheless they aren’t not that important.

Trauma “As the World Dies” will be released on February 15th via Pure Steel Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Rage
  2. From Here to Hell
  3. As the World Dies
  4. Gun to Your Head
  5. Last Rites
  6. Run for Cover
  7. Asylum
  8. Entropy
  9. Cool Aid
  10. Savage

Watch “The Rage” official video here: