TRÄUMEN VON AURORA ‘luna’ ‘aurora’

German Prog Black Metallers Träumen Von Aurora return with two (!) new albums! “luna” and “aurora” will be released on August 19th 2022 via Trollzorn, each separately as a digipack CD and in digital versions.
With “luna” and “aurora”, Träumen Von Aurora release their third and fourth album as complementary works. A few years have passed since the release of the predecessor “rekonvaleszenz.” Founder and singer Patrick Wunsch has stayed, the rest of the line-up behind the new works is different. For example, the guitars were recorded by KRATR guitarist Marek Peperkorn, who also did the mixing and mastering. Piano, strings and the new synth sounds come from Liquid Resistance keyboardist Matthias Schäfers. Alexander Häger – known as the guitarist of Beyond Martian Skies – sits on the drums and also recorded the bass and additional vocal tracks.
Stylistically, there is also a mixture of old and new elements on “luna” and “aurora.” Furthermore, Träumen Von Aurora shine in finding a balance between melodicism and heaviness by combining Black Metal and Post-Rock: Guitar tremolos, blast beats and harsh vocals alternate with clean guitars, sidestick drumming and whispers, each accentuated by catchy piano melodies or spherical string harmonies. Added to this are progressive elements such as unusual time signatures and rhythms, which were hinted at on “rekonvaleszenz” and have now been fully elaborated here to interrupt the melancholic Post-Black Metal foundation in the right places. The always varied vocals also show new facets to effectively, present the German and nature-loving lyrics.
In a way, the two albums can be pictured as Yin and Yang: While “luna” plays in winter and tries to develop more hopeful lyrical and musical moods out of a melancholic atmosphere, spring announces itself on “aurora,” but not without memories of frost and dreariness.

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