Travelin Jack – Commencing Countdown

This world of metal music is always surprising me. Just today I was reading Deena Weinstein’s book and she was saying that Metal producers don’t need to look for new trends. Headbangers are so adicted to tradition that band’s back catalogues continue to sell very well. And what other musical styles cherish bands that are everything but modern? What other style allows a fan to listen to an album of a new band that could’ve been released forty years ago and still love it like a precious lost gem? Metal is always the answer.

Travelin Jack drink profusely on the 1970s on the fountains of early metal bands. That time when the borders were not well defined, and bands were constantly crossing over. Lisren to Travelin Jack explains evertything you’ve heard making music with heart and soul. “Commencing Countdown” is an album of pure heat and soul. It’s not that difficult to explain Travelin Jack for those who are acquainted with early Scorpions. Wanna a better hint? Led Zeppelin! The taste of good old Zep is present in each song. Take that as a compliment, guys. It’s so good to hear that strong, powerful, overdriven guitar riffs. It’s wonderful to hear a voice that actually flourishes songs.

Singer Alia Spaceface has that powerful and warm female voice. She’s the kind of singer that can make an album remarkable. And that’s exactly what she does with “Commencing Countdown.” Guys like me, that have grown listening to this kind of Metal, give a smile to every song, but the smile was bigger to the bluesy “What Have I done.” The scorpionish guitar solo ends it up marvelously. It’s a long time I’ve been that pleasured. Master Uli Roth is still making fans, I can see that.

Travelin Jack is a name that was precisely chosen. “Commencing Countdown” is a travel back in time. It’s just a pitty that nowadays bands like Travelin Jack attract such a specific audience. These guitars riffs should be listened more. These precious vocals should be put in a billboard, if it were possible, to anyone could boast them. Travelin Jack’s music is full of colors and joy just like “Commencing Countdown’s” clothes suggest in the cover. Sometimes it is great to have some color back. Travelin Jack’s image is not what a regular metalhead would expect. It’s very colorful, very Bowienish. But who cares? The musis is great. Traveling Jack’s passion is greater than any image. Music is only what really matters.

That was a review that came so easily. Thanks to the great work Travelin Jack did with “Commencing Countdown.” That’s undoubtely if you’re into some precious gems of 1970s hard guitar riffs and a female powerful voice that in no way sing like an angel. Alia Spaceface sings like a real woman. And that’s the beauty of it.

And my, my, my! Opening track, “Land Of The River’s” just a killer.

Track Listing:

  1. Land Of The River
  2. Metropolis
  3. Keep On Running
  4. Cold Blood
  5. Galactic Blue
  6. Time
  7. Miracles
  8. What Have I Done
  9. Fire
  10. Journey To The Moon

Traveling Jack “Commencing Countdown” was released on September 08th via Steamhammer / SPV.

Watch “Keep On Running” official video here: