Trick or Treat – The Unlocked Songs Review

Metal music is so peculiar in many aspects, not only the musical but also aspects related to social, behavior and others. I guess some of my fans will relate to what I’m going to say. There are bands that one learns to like and appreciate. In general, those bands just happen in one’s life. They aren’t bands that one chooses to listen by free will, they happen. Sometimes, it’s not a rule, those bands are from a subgenre that one really doesn’t like, or never declares to like, or a subgenre that one doesn’t have much interest. You know, it’s a like, but not that like with emphasis.

Ok, Trick or Treat just happened in my life. Last year I had the pleasure to review their latest release “The Legend of the XII Saints” which was a kind of concept album. I say a kind because the album was inspired in the manga series Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac. When I listened to that album I felt something different and later I discovered that this difference was because the band started as a Helloween tribute band. And Helloween are one of the bands I love the most. Ok. Cut to 2021 receiving the newest “The Unlocked Songs” which is as the press release says a compelling and amusing “b-sides greatest hits” that will just make you feel better. I had to agree. Compeling I guess is word tha defines pretty well the album. I’d add to that the word exciting. Trick or Treat has the same ability Helloween has to write songs with emotions that border the cheesy and tacky – not easy, my dear fan, not easy. Just take a look at “Evil Needs Christams Too.” Those songs that sweat emotion from all pores and sometimes this dose is enough, but the fan loves either way. Catchy and gluey choruses embellished by beautiful guitar phrases is kind of the worn out formula. But you know what, it’s a worn out formula that many love. Take “Almost Gone” and “Scream” for instance. “Almost Gone” is a ballad. That kind of sugared ballad which still makes the headbanger emotional. “Scream” is a typical Power Metal song with lots of emotional content. A bit fast, but not that fast with a cadence that thrills. Ah, and of course, Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac theme in italian with “I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco.” How about the beautfully arranged acostic guitars on “Sagittarius – Golden Arrow (Acoustic-Orchestral)”? Hum, I have the slight impression the band has a knack for the manga and cartoon, don’t you agree, my child of the night?

“The Unlocked Songs” thrills. Trick or Treat are a band that one learns to love and respect, As I did.

Trick or Treat “The Unlocked Songs” was reelased on May 21st via Scarlet Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Hungarian Hangover
  2. Almost Gone
  3. I Cavalieri Dello Zodiaco
  4. Dragonborn – Skyrim
  5. Heavy Metal Bunga Bunga
  6. Scream
  7. Human Drama (into Pain)
  8. Hamsphire Landscapes
  9. Sagittarius – Golden Arrow (Acoustic-Orchestral)
  10. Evil Needs Christams Too
  11. Arles Hall
  12. Like Donald Duck (demo 2004)

Watch “Hungarian Hangover” official video here: