Trip the Wire – Trip the Wire Review

Have I ever said that recording companies may agree on a common date to release their albums with the same grip and labeling? I’m sure I have, but it’s always a great opportunity to say it again when they prove me right in each occasion. Here we’ve got Trip the Wire which is one more band that relives the 1970’s early Metal grip and spirit. I mean, one more band is a term that may be misunderstood; so, I’ll say that Trip the Wire are the band that has a strong grip in the 1970’s. Maybe, just maybe, I guess from all I’ve heard in the album it’s not fair to say that they are a Proto-metal band. There are too many elements of Metal music in this self-tittled debut album to say such a thing. “Never Enough” tells this tale a lot better than my words. Another good element that tell this is the high doses of the good old Blues. Just go right to it and enjoy the intense energy the track delivers. Eve Clarke’s voice helps a lot. As my dear child of the night knows I have a thing form female voices.

Now that I’ve been writing a lot about influences and how they shape a band’s music, I’ve got to tell you that “Trip the Wire” reminds a lot the good old Heart. Well, it’s the first time we’ve got an album here that addresses to Heart. Eve Clarke’s voice helps a lot. Her tone gets pretty near Ann Wilson’s. Maybe more the intent or, better yet, my intent. Maybe it’s me that compares both bands. Of course, if I say a band can be compared to Heart, it’s expected that this band must have many Led Zeppelin’s references as well as Heart were hugely influenced by them. True. There are lots of references to Led Zeppelin here.

“Trip the Wire” commences with the headbanging “In the Crossfire” and its very functional guitar riff. The guitar riffing has something of Judas Priest as well. There are three ballads in the album. The first is the sweet “Shine on” with its Jimi Hendrix touch followed by the acoustic guitar and Led Zeppelin driven “Step Nine.” “Anti Love” and “Shine on” start slow and gentle to get a heavy grip later. Better say they are power ballads.

“Trip the Wire” is delicious. There are times in the album that the echoes of The Runaways another band with female vocals that I just love. It’s such a honor for a new band to be compared with all those bands, if you know what I mean. If it were my band, I’d be honored. Another band nominated to the end of the year.

Trip the Wire “Trip the Wire” will be released on June 16th.

Track Listing:

  1. In the Crossfire
  2. Anti Love
  3. Hurricane
  4. Zombie Child
  5. Shine on
  6. The Fire
  7. Maybe Next Time
  8. Outta My Hands
  9. Never Enough
  10. Step Nine

Watch “Shine on” official lyric video here: